We provide Professional Services to Design teams to ensure budget risk is always minimised

Intelligence. Experience.

Property and construction are one of the largest industries in the world. Think of any other industry like tourism, industrial, retail, educational - the one thing that they all have in common is that they need buildings to operate in. They need these buildings constructed and maintained and this is why our industry thrives.

ST Consulting and all construction consultants play an almost hidden role in keeping the industry moving. For ST Consulting, our fundamental primary role is to be experts in how much construction works cost so that Clients can create accurate business and investment plans.

Our second role is to provide all the necessary paperwork that construction projects require from costing documents to construction programs and health and safety documentation. Without this paperwork there would be no structure within construction projects .

Finally, we offer Contracts and Dispute resolution services when required. Every construction contract has issues amongst the various stakeholders and we help prevent, and solve these.


RICS qualified

All our staff have been qualified chartered quantity surveyors with the Royal Institution of Chartered Quantity Surveyors.

We have offices in London, Reading and Essex ready to provide accurate cost information to Clients all around the UK.

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